Alan Kay 的 Our Human Condition ‘From Space’ 读后感

这篇认真读完的文章就是“Our Human Condition ‘From Space’”。仅仅是做名言名句摘抄,这篇文章可以整本抄录。


In other words, each of these maps is a kind of story that is written mostly inimages rather than words.



Maps, as with all of our representations for ideas, are quite arbitrary and don’t automatically have any intrinsic claims to accuracy.


it is not too far a stretch to say that we live not in reality, but in a waking delusional hallucinatory dream that we like to call “reality”.

如果说我们不是生活在现实中,而是生活在我们喜欢称之为 "现实 "的清醒的妄想幻梦中,也不为过。


Civilization is not a state of being that can be reached, nor the journey, but it is a manner of traveling.



But the process of scientific thinking is able to deal with many of our own inabilities to think and other flaws in a strong enough manner to still come up with ever more accurate mappings of more and more complex parts of our universe. This is why we need to help all children in the world learn how to do it.



I believe that it is not because they are so intrinsically complicated, but rather they are amazingly simple yet very very different from normal human commonsense ways of thinkingabout things.



For many things we need to find ways to postpone quick recognition in favor of slower noticing.


So we have to find ways “to make the invisible visible”, to avoid “premature recognition”.

所以我们要想办法 “让看不见的东西看得见”,避免 “过早认识”。

“Art enters in when we labor thoughtfully with some goal in mind; that is, when we cut loose from actions that are merely mechanical”.



A further insight is that the range and depth of constructions that the children can carry through are vastly extended by using a suitable computer environment.


they can think very deeply about how robots and animals can make their way in the world and create truly subtle and profound programs on the computer that bring this ideas to life in a way that is far beyond their abilities to construct physical versions of these ideas at their age.



What if more issues than those of the physical world were thought about in this slower, suspended-perception, skeptical, careful, powerful, and map-and-model building manner? If you think that things would be vastly different and improved for the benefit of all humans, then please help children learn to think much better than most adults do today.


文章中很多观点可以与皮亚杰的图式,Seymour Papert 西蒙帕波特的计算的力量进行比较阅读。也是很有意思的。这是一篇2003年的文章,相见很晚。但还好的是文章提到的问题到今天仍然还是问题,而且还变得更大了。所以我们可以从中汲取能量,让我们更有信心去帮助孩子去用科学的态度认识世界。


the knowledge doesn’t cost money, but it does cost time and interest and focus.



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